CREO and The ImPact have partnered to produce Water: An Impact Investment Primer for Family Offices and Foundations.

Water is a finite natural resource unlike any other. It is required for life itself and sustains almost every natural and industrial process on the planet. Increasing volatility in water quality and quantity present evolving risks for the planet and for humanity. Addressing the local and global challenges that reduced water dependability and declining water quality pose will require trillions of dollars of new investment. Private capital must play a role in developing, implementing, and scaling solutions to water problems. The universe of available water investments is still nascent, creating opportunities for early movers motivated to create impact. Families, along with their family offices and foundations, are uniquely positioned as catalysts and leaders in the water investments market. Families can deploy solutions-oriented, patient capital across asset classes to deliver impact alongside financial return. This primer maps water investment opportunities and provides several inspiring examples of how families are actively investing to address local and global water challenges.

CREO and Confluence Philanthropy have partnered to produce The Climate Solutions Collaborative

Achieving global carbon-reduction targets requires tactical, large-scale investment. This in turn depends on extraordinary and unprecedented cooperation, including enhanced collaboration between Foundations and Family Offices. The Climate Solutions Collaborative (C2C) provides a safe and practical space for Members of Confluence Philanthropy and the CREO Syndicate, including asset owners, and their managers and designees, to drive climate solutions through co investment and strategic grantmaking in climate finance. Working group members will collaboratively make commitments to invest in climate solutions that measurably reduce emissions and support one another in deploying this capital through strategic thinking, resource sharing, and due diligence. Through successive meetings and community sharing, C2C will make the field of climate investing more connective, active, and effective.