The CREO Syndicate (“CREO”) is a 501c3 public charity founded by wealth owners and family offices with a mission to address some of the most pressing environmental challenges of our time affecting communities across the globe – climate change and resource scarcity – by catalyzing private capital into innovative solutions to protect and preserve the environment and accelerate the transition to a more sustainable economy for the benefit of the public.

 CREO works closely with a broad set of global stakeholders, including Members (wealth owners and family offices), Friends (aligned investors such as pension funds and university endowments), and Partners (government, not-for-profit organizations and academia) who collaboratively develop and invest in solutions across sectors, asset classes and geographies.

CREO primary activities include 1) capacity building by providing an expert and peer-to-peer educational platform where Members and other stakeholders can share applied knowledge and expertise, resources, and investment opportunities; 2) relationship building; and 3) conducting select research to support the advancement of its mission.

If you would like to share an investment opportunity with us, please complete our intake survey.

Photo Credit: All images are courtesy of ESA