CREO Syndicate participants share the view that private capital has a leadership role to play in addressing the major environmental challenges of our time. To be more effective, like-minded family offices and related institutions must work more closely together.  CREO provides a unique, value-added platform that helps these investors share experiences, discuss common interests and explore investment opportunities across the global environmental, sustainability and 'impact' marketplace.

CREO’s mission is to:

  1. Foster Education: To better educate family office investors in CREO markets.
  2. Promote Collaboration: To enable value-aligned private investors to be more active and more effective in working together within the broader environmental space.
  3. Accelerate Investment: To accelerate the flow of family office and foundation capital into the global environmental investment marketplace.


CREO was first formed in April 2011, when a group of family office investors and principals came together at the offices of Wolfensohn & Co. in New York City to discuss how to work more effectively in the cleantech, renewable energy and environmental opportunities space (hence ‘CREO’).  Through interactions with participants before, during and after these meetings, it became apparent that a genuine need existed among family offices and private foundations to explore new ways to collaborate within this sector, to be more effective in meeting financial and ‘impact’ objectives, and to have access to deeper resources than each possessed on an individual basis. 

CREO Syndicate is the pre-eminent "cradle to scale" platform for families, high net worth investors and other asset owners interested in collaborative education and investing in the environmental, clean technology and related marketplace.


CREO Syndicate participation now extends to over 500 like-minded private investors and asset-owner representatives with over $100 billion of investable capital. The CREO Syndicate also selectively engages with other key capital markets participants and stakeholders in highly curated formats.  CREO invites carefully vetted fund managers, corporate executives, entrepreneurs, policy makers, philanthropists and other leaders in our markets into certain gatherings to accelerate the deployment of capital into CREO markets in the most effective and appropriate manner. All non-family office participants attend on a voluntary, unpaid basis as subject matter specialists. All participation is by invitation only.


To help members execute investment strategies within the CREO space, the CREO Syndicate provides a private forum for members seeking assistance with deal origination, syndication and discussion.  CREO Syndicate does not provide any investment advice, brokerage services or any financial intermediary activities for or on behalf of its members, and does not seek to generate any fees linked to investment actions carried out by CREO members.


Family Office Focused: CREO is focused on serving aligned family office and private capital providers in a comfortable, secure, structured and low-cost professional environment. Most members are from families or institutions with strong investment commitments to CREO markets and many have philanthropic and innovative finance portfolios.

High Quality Content: Via selective partnerships and guest participation, CREO curates highly substantive content that spans companies and fund investing, public and private markets, mission and return goals, and asset classes and investment structures. 

Non-Commercial: CREO is operated on an informal no-profit basis and neither the Conveners nor their companies seek any form of transaction or advisory fees for commercial transactions initiated or consummated via the CREO meetings or the CREO Syndicate itself.

Broad Participation: CREO is a carefully selected but heterogeneous network. It is designed with an open-architecture structure, as opposed to a closed private club, which lends a richness to the family office participant experience. 


For more information on CREO Syndicate, we encourage you to contact us.